Overcoming The Fear Of The Dentist: Tips For Relaxer Visit

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There has been a constant fear of the dentist among patients due to several myths, and rumors. There are some examples of common fears among patients regarding the dentist.


1. Pain

For most people, there is a thinking that dental care is inherently painful. The thought of pain would make anyone afraid. 

Thankfully, modernized dental techniques and treatments are far less painful and much more gentle and comfortable. 

No need to mention, a best dentists in Kolkata will do everything they can to ensure your visit doesn’t cause pain.

2. Loss of Control and Fear of the Unknown

Sitting back in a dental chair generally makes a few people nervous. Others might have trouble getting comfortable because they are unsure what would happen. Completely unknown about what to expect and feeling out of control can create panic.

3. Embarrassment of dental health

If fear of the dentist has kept you away from the best dental clinic in Kolkata for many years, you might be dealing with some serious dental issues. 

Even if your teeth appear in good shape, some people worry they’ll be in trouble for taking so long to make an appointment.

4. Bad Experience in the Past

Very sad to hear that, but some dentists don’t take the time and effort to give their best possible experience for the patients. 

If you have ever been to a dentist like this, you might be afraid of the memory. The tip is to find and work with an honest and trustworthy dentist.

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1. Find the right dentist

The right dentist can clear all the difference. You will feel more comfortable and confident about the care you are receiving. Go for a dentist who offers…

  • A friendly, caring staff
  • Great reviews from current patients
  • Simple answers to all your questions
  • A relaxing and comfortable office atmosphere
2. Use Relaxation Techniques and Meditation

Before your appointment, take some time to be in the right mindset. Many people find it helpful to do stretches, meditation, or deep controlled breathing. If you suffer from extreme anxiety, you may want to call your dentist and ask about what type of sedation techniques may be appropriate to help you relax further.

3. Bring a friend

Bring a friend or family member during your appointment. Whether you want the person to wait out in the lobby during your appointment or in the room with you, having a supportive person nearby can make you feel safer and more relaxed.

4. Let your Dentist know

While it’s unfortunate that dental anxiety is so common, it does mean that your dentist has a lot of experience helping people just like you. Don’t keep your fears hidden inside you, just be sure to let your dentist and dental team know that you are nervous. Your dentist wants to give you the best possible care and special attention you need to help you have a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

5. Ask lots of Questions

During your entire appointment, be sure to ask any concerns, questions, or discomfort. Your dental team is there to help. Want to know about a specific instrument or treatment? Just ask. Are you beginning to feel nervous and need a moment before continuing treatment? Let your dentist know. A good dental team will surely accommodate your requests, explaining what a sensation might be like and ensuring you are comfortable the entire treatment.


Overcoming the fear of the dentist is an important achievement that can improve both oral health and overall well-being. By acknowledging and understanding the root of your fear, whether it is from your past experiences, uncertainty, or a lack of control, you can take proactive measures to manage it. Building a trusting relationship with a dentist who understands your concerns and communicates effectively is vital. Techniques such as deep breathing, visualization, or listening to calming music during appointments can help manage anxiety in the dentist’s chair. Therefore, exposing yourself to dental visits, starting with a less intimidating process can be less sensitive for you over time. Remember, seeking support from loved ones or even a therapist specialized in dental phobia can give you valuable encouragement and guidance.


 Ans: Fear of the dentist, also known as dental phobia or anxiety depends on various factors such as negative experiences in the past, fear of pain or needles, feeling of loss of control, or even fear of judgement regarding oral hygiene.

Ans: Sedation dentistry uses medications to help patients relax during dental treatments. It can be a suitable option for those with severe dental anxiety, but it’s also important to discuss the risks and benefits with your dentist.

Ans: Overcoming dental anxiety is a gradual process that varies from person to person. With patience, consistent effort, and the right support, many people can completely reduce their fear over time.

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